How to structure a persuasion

  • Expectations 
  • Empathy
  • Urgency
  • Value/Stakes
  • The Offer and Differentiators
  • The Ask

Those are some steps to persuading someone towards anything. Do they have proper expectations of what you will be sharing with them?

Do you have empathy for the sum of the experiences they have had, how they differ from yours and how that may create a different interpretation of the world or a need?

Is there a rush in timeframe for this persuasion? Is there a tick time bomb for waiting on them to come around?

What is the value or stakes of them not being persuaded? It might be worth visiting this first because it may not even be worth persuading.

The offer is what you can give them that shows them a new view of the world. Differentiators are the subtleties and nuances that you share.

The ask is what you want them to do next. It may not move them to your worldview, but it may move them a step closer to it.