Better than planned.

Things going according to plan is awesome. It’s a phenomenal feeling. Like we have the pulse of the universe in our hands.

However, according to plan is only the mediocre success. Better than planned is what we are all really excited about. However, for that to happen, scenarios where that is possible need to be available for you. Let me give an example.

A person enters a professional bowling tournament and has the following expenses:

  • $500 entry
  • $500 travel
  • $200 meals
  • $500 equipment

1st place is $10,000. That person is expecting to come home $8300 richer from the tournament. That can’t possibly go better than planned. If he does anything other than win, he is worse off. He can’t get better than 1st place.

However, if top 10 get checks for $3500, and he plans on being $1800 richer after the tournament, but then wins, it can go better than the plan.

This isn’t the same as saying, “Aim the right height” because it isn’t related to a particular size of outcome even though the example isn’t illustrative of that. It is more related to the structure of the opportunity.

Picking opportunities that can go better than planned is a good place to start if you are deciding your next move.

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