Getting back to good.

There are plenty of times in life we are trodding along. Not doing our best.

I’ve been in a rut. For a while now.

With this blog.

Also, with:

  • Cooking
  • Bowling
  • Parenting
  • and Working.

In life, we often have many balls in the air, when one goes down, others go up, that is what keeps the act going on, since life just happens to be a juggling act.

At times, we drop all the balls. It’s the metaphorical equivalent of that juggling act failing and coming to an abrupt end. It’s depressing. It’s upsetting for the performer and it’s easy to question if we want to go on the next day, the next month, or the next year with the act.

I don’t have a particular root cause in this case, and that makes it much worse. However, it seems like I have a solution. Focus on getting one ball back up in the air. It sounds stupid, but by focusing on fixing my bowling game, that became something positive and prideful again.

By having some pride, I found energy to cook more often and more healthily again.

By eating better, I had more energy for parenting.

By having a happier kid, I had more opportunity for improved workdays.

This is a reminder, not everything goes right all the time, but when everything is wrong, finding even a single thread to pull yourself out with is a great place to start.

P.S. Don’t worry about me.I just haven’t been inspired as much in this season, but things seem to be coming around and I know I’ll be back to it more in the future. Just wanted to share how I’ve been approaching it.

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