Creating a focus

In high school, our drafting program competed in competitions. The program was built to win competitions. And it did. Disproportionately to other schools, we had a number of national competition winners over 20 years. That’s unusual for a small school in the middle of nowhere.

I was watching a documentary called Science Fair on Disney Plus and they mention a school that also punches above their weight in this regard for international science competitions.

It’s amazing what a little focus can do. This school and the high school I went to decided, “we are going to be good at this competition.” From there, they create plans, curriculum and exercises that make it happen. Over years of doing that, they create a culture. As the culture is created, role models emerge, traditions form and over-achieving in this area becomes the norm.

If you want to really produce great results, starting with what your focus is is a great place.