What a mouthful.

This is the process of turning a solid model in engineering, which is smooth and defined by a continuous function, into one made up of set of discrete and finite points.

While it seems impossible to prove, the world looks continuous, but is actually discrete in nature. It seems as if your hand is solid, yet it is made up of cells, that are made up of atoms that are made up of a nucleus surrounded by an electron cloud. The electron cloud, consisting mostly of empty space, is a gap holding the nuclei in place. Each nucleus is what we would recognize as the solid version of ourselves. Taken together, that means a human is a discrete set of trillions of nuclei that when zoomed out looks like us.

Taking this into consideration, it should be obvious that in our finite lives, there is a discrete set of risks that we can take, but the amount of them depends on the scope, scale and timelines. It also means that later after success, someone may draw a line through and say, “Look at this model. This is what should we should all strive for.” However, that is fitting the data after the fact, it wasn’t recognizable at all while the points were being created through action.

Every endeavor is unique, and only by taking a risk, putting in the effort, can something be achieved that looks recognizable, after all, it would take a huge number of discrete points to make a model that looked like you, but only four to make a pyramid shape. If you want to do something big, something unique, or something valuable, you need to create a lot of points and often in the moment, it feels like a struggle.

Doing the work while struggling to understand if it will amount to anything is the struggle. We have to fill in these huge gaps of doubt with something, it might as well be the work.