The future is decentralization

All around us, decentralization is happening. Gatekeepers have left the building.

There are systems being built that will allow the possibility for mortgages to be contracts between person and multiple other individuals who are willing to loan to certain credit scores for a certain interest rate.

The idea of a company is being redefined as many positions are moving remote, so if we all aren’t in the same building, why not be consultants and a company is nothing but a collection of consultants that are easy to flex, move around, discontinue and more.

Software and IT systems are heading to the cloud. Instead of a specific server in a specific building, the information is distributed all over all sorts of places so that it has resiliency.

What are some carry on effects from all of this?

Here are my guesses:

  • The availability and cost of resources goes down rapidly. If individuals are their own banks due to crypto/blockchain/NFT technologies, interest rates will stay incredibly low as the amount of “banks” skyrocket competing for business, so even debt is cheaper.
  • The value of creativity and organizing resources in a unique way rises higher than ever.
  • Institutional power decreases as no one controls such enormous market forces as they do today.

That’s my guess anyway.