Time is the measurement of change.

The Big Bang is the theory of how the universe began. Asking questions like, “What existed before the Big Bang?” the discussion becomes metaphysical quickly. Some people believe that before the Big Bang there was no concept of spacetime. That means that time was invented when things started to change. It means that time itself is the measurement unit of change. A position at a certain time is different at a later time. A velocity at a certain time is different at a later time. Acceleration too.

Once, you understand this concept, it’s quite simple to make a decision:

  • How fast or slow am I going to change?

It is not possible to stay exactly the same, but certainly changing extremely slowly can seem that way.

The decision to change into a better version of yourself is a choice. So is the decision to slide into a worse version of yourself.

Time allows us to measure change, but we determine the change that happens.