Writing as a tool.

I don’t often think of writing as part of our toolset like I do math for an engineer, or programming for a software developer. Somehow, because it’s one of the oldest skillsets since the dawn of civilization, and since most people in society can now do it, it seems less valuable.

However, it’s the biggest tool you have and it’s the biggest tool I have.

Lately, I’ve been asked to make presentations for how we should do certain things, the presentations have been a snap because I’ve already written all the ideas down here. All I have to do is sort them, order them, and add imagery if needed.

I’ve also been building out internal documentation for the work I do, that way if we scale our team, then things are down on paper and I’m not constantly answering questions, or wondering who to ask. For things that don’t come up so often, it’s a useful reminder for myself too.

Lastly, the application I don’t use writing for enough is finding the others. The people who want to go on the same journey. The people who want to contribute to something the same way you do. It’s there for anyone with the internet and the ability to write.

Don’t discount writing’s usefulness as a tool.