The signal a divider sends.

I built a 9 foot long desk for myself. Being that long, it needed a middle leg to support the span. That middle leg made it look like it was divided into two and my wife quickly took the other half over. That was 5 years ago and we’ve been sharing since! That wasn’t my intent, and I’ll share until I build another one in the future, but at times I find myself longing for my space like I had originally envisioned!

The point is we have to be careful the intent different signals can send. Just like that leg that was meant to be solely a support for desk, it was quickly interpreted as a divider creating a his and her situation. If I had designed the desk to instead have structural members under the top to stiffen it across the span with no middle support, I may be working in a spread out and relaxed environment at my own enormous desk! In the future, I’ll watch the signals I’m sending more closely! You should too, since everything is a signal even if most pick it up as noise.

P.S. This extends far beyond misinterpreted furniture.