The quantum leap

Engineering mathematics evolved significantly over 150 years span starting with Newton and continuing with many others. This spanned from the fact that developing calculus was a major leap and that allowed all sorts of new mathematical ideas to arrive. Then, calculating these complex mathematics that were iterative in nature was slow, so it wasn’t practical to solve too many problems even though the math to do so existed.

Then along came computers which automated the iterative nature of these problems at rates millions (as a low estimation) of times faster than they can be done by hand. Currently, we are probably pushing the limits of accuracy that our current models can hope to achieve by brute forcing small and smaller iterations.

The next step from today isn’t a little improvement or further step along the current curve, it’s a quantum leap. The next step is the invention of the next calculus. We’re all waiting for the next quantum leap to show up. While we can’t be sure on the timeline for the next revolutionary idea in mathematics, we can be sure that there are all sorts of industries out there that are waiting for someone to show them their quantum leap. It might as well be you.