The work of a professional

It’s been documented many times that the difference between professionals and amateurs is usually the quantity of the work. An amateur photographer takes a few pictures and skillfully tries to enhance them with lighting and saturation choices. A professional photographer may take thousands of pictures pick his top 100, then touch those up, then decide on the best 10 to represent his skill.

Often times, the problem is that we don’t see the discarded work by the professionals, so we don’t have role models. The video below is an example. In the video, we see a successful attempt. They could have shot this for days trying to get this shot. It could have been 1000s of attempts to get it right. Then, having recorded it, it lives on infamy forever.

Recognize that there is work to be done. Recognize that tinkering and failing is part of the deal. Recognize that landing that 1 in 1000 shot and being able to show it in your portfolio is enough to be valuable. You’ll get there, but you need to have faith that eventually your metaphorical pool shot will land correctly.