The transition is the hardest

Think about a song you like. There is often a calmer, slower or quiet period. There is later a tenser, louder or faster period. It’s often easy to get your voice into the mode to deliver each of these while sounding good. The transition between the two is often where the masters live.

This is true in all sort of things beyond music:

  • Transitioning a conversation from small talk to business without feeling abrupt or giving the feeling you are uninterested
  • Transitioning from a ramp to in the air and back to the landing (ski jumping for example)
  • Transitioning from your current role to the one that utilizes more of your skillset and extends your opportunity
  • Transitioning from learning about a topic to developing new ideas on the subject
  • Transitioning from following to leading

The transition makes and breaks everything. It’s where we spend the most time agonizing, debating ourselves, understanding what we want to do, learning what is possible and where nearly all opportunity lies. We often have to leave our past identities behind.

The transition is the place where magic happens , watch it closely, learn to thrive in it and you will grow as a person.