Meta Advertising

Expand the video before watching or else you won’t catch the funny part.

It’s likely this post was made by a person who wanted to market their gold foil business, so they created a “meta” scenario. It’s likely they did the following:

  • Created a post on r/askreddit asking “What is the dumbest thing that people spend absurd amounts of money on?”
  • They then changed accounts and posted the gold foil comment.
  • Then screen shotted it, printed it in gold foil and posted it on r/oddlysatisfying

It creates a meta situation that is funny and some people will inevitable inquire with the user who posted the gold foil video if they need that kind of work done.

While some would lament this as lazy marketing, I beg to differ. It’s a decent amount of effort, it’s funny and it shows off the product being marketed without just “bragging” about it.