The title is referencing the 1995 movie.

In the beginning of the movie is William Wallace’s education. He leaves his home after his father is killed, gets educated with his uncle, then comes back as a man. He’s likely the most educated man in his town. He becomes the rebellion leader after his love is murdered.

Most people having watched the movie think of him for his actions, his fighting, and his bravery, yet the movie shows many times over its his planning and smarts that make him great.

No army has ever survived a charge of the English heavy cavalry. How about crafting spears twice as long as a man to stop them before they can charge through the ranks? Wallace thought of that.

Thinking, not fighting, was Wallace’s skill that made him a leader. Not to forget his skill with oration to inspire his men that no doubt was improved through his study of language and reading.

Despite this fact that education, knowledge and brainpower are critical for improving a situation in life, we seem to be in an era where most who watch this movie only recognize him “kicking ass.” Action is the only take away.

Action is amplified by knowledge. It’s important not to forget that.