Social media and the (un)level playing field.

The demand for attention has shot way up with all the content being created. The supply is limited by the population. We’ve skewed the supply-demand curve significantly.

What has always shown up when there is skewed supply and demand curve? The market!

There is now a market for the attention. Not only is crafting great content not enough, but you have to pay to be put in prime spaces for attention. Not paying means no amount of hardwork can overcome that. That may be hyperbole to an extent, but the amount of organic effort certainly isn’t what it was twenty years ago when a basic blog could attract millions of people.

What can be done about this?

Have a high value item that is targeted at a specific group of people. Create a great piece of content whose goal isn’t to go viral, but to be shared with specific people and groups you know it could benefit. If social media is a billboard, you need to think of a direct mailer, and not one scattered over a zip code, but targeted to specific names, and backgrounds that you know can get use out of the offering.

Social media is still a great tool for building social proof and showing up daily. Some industries still have room to adopt it, but for many, the field is too unlevel. That’s okay, you just have to go about things a bit differently. Instead of a mic drop piece of content posted once. Sending it out to 100 interested parties manually may be the way to go. Nothing wrong with being specific and high value, rather than mass.