Picky Eater or Parent with bad cooking skills.

I saw a post online today that said, “After moving out of your parent’s house, try every food you never liked again.” The premise was that not every parent is a tremendous cook.

It’s a true statement.

Often times, we believe we don’t like something, when what we have actually experienced is a bad version of something. Just like we don’t expect children to have good judgment because of limited life experience, that can be true in “niche” experiences for adults as well.

This concept extends far past food.

It could be the work you do.

It could be the art you make.

It could be the books you choose to read after school.

It could be the shows you watch.

It could be the people you choose to be friends with.

So many things in our worldview are based on limited experience, we often make incorrect conclusions from it. It’s always worth testing things out again after a significant period of time, you never know when your “tastes” have changed.