What you can learn from the fractal vice

The pictures below are fractal vice.

A Morphing Fractal Vise Pivots to Grasp Irregular Shapes ...

They are made up of two small, pivoting half circles inside a larger half circle. Layer this three times as fractals do in nature and you have a vice that can grip anything.

Nearly any creative work you can think of works the same way. Small components that build into a bigger work.

Take a play like Hamilton:

  • Lin Manuel Miranda wrote songs
  • Those songs arranged into acts
  • Those acts arranged into Hamilton

Take a furniture maker:

  • They make some chairs and sell them
  • The most popular chair styles get copied
  • Then a table is made and you have a dining set

Take this blog:

  • I write daily posts
  • Those daily posts are aggregated into longer articles with more flair
  • Eventually, those articles will be aggregated into a book

Our smaller works, lead to our bigger works, which lead to the biggest works.

When you want to do something creative, it’s not often you can start with the biggest works, and if you do, likely it won’t work out. However, you can start with the smallest pieces, those are the ones that touch the audience directly, just like the small pieces in the vices touching the object.