I haven’t posted in a week because I’ve been ill. While I posted about Unity vs. Civility as my last post, I haven’t necessarily behaved civilly towards a certain person in my life. Part of it is they have always been antagonistic in their own behaviors, and but mostly it is I’ve lost my patience with them in particular.

Perhaps it’s not a bad thing to start a New Year feeling like you are at your lowest point. That’s how I’m feeling right now. It means I can only do better for the remainder of the year. For tons of people out there, the feeling could be the same. This can be a year for change and growth. The question is “How do we make it happen?”

Here’s the steps regardless of the issue:

  1. Awareness of the issue.
  2. Keeping it at the forefront of your mind.
  3. Doing your best to avoid the triggers.

This could be for weight loss and eating. It could be for anger. It could be for procrastination.

The hard part is #2. Keeping your awareness at the forefront of your mind. A human brain is fickle with its attention. Do your best.