The world tends to be a mirror

The world tends to reflect back to you what you put out into it.

If you put out kind words, helpfulness, and generosity, you get back the respect you gave others when you said the nice words of advice.

If you put out brash, harsh criticisms of everyone, then usually there is strong, harsh criticism lobbied back at you.

If you believe that higher pay makes people happier, enjoy their work more, and do better at their job and approach business in that manner, you end up with productive employees who are happy with what they do.

Alternatively, if you believe that no one does great work, and that an employee should be negotiated down on salary as much as possible, then you’ll end up with employees who believe in doing the bare minimum.

The problem is that this reflection often shows us that are belief is justified. It can show us that the world is a better place than it actually is when we approach with generosity, kindness, and gratitude. It can also show us the world is a worse place than it actually is when we approach it with contempt, selfishness and greed. Reality is always in the middle.

Whenever there is a perceived shift in the world, perhaps it is always best to first question should be, “Have I changed?” After all, the world is a mirror and may just be reflecting back what you are putting into it. The road to understanding always starts with ourselves.