Best-selling fiction authors.

Here is a link to the best selling fiction authors:

Here are some unique stats from this:

  • The top one is Shakespeare, who while a prolific writer, also has 400+ years of people marketing his works post-mortem.
  • The average number of books written by each writer on the list is 170.
  • The top 8 are all dead already, their entire careers have passed.

What do these facts taken together lead us to?

A body of work is important. Waiting to create a single masterpiece isn’t the answer. The average writer on that list created 170 books. That’s 3-5 books a year depending on the length of their career. Most people think it would take a year or two of their lives to write a book. While you could argue that everyone on this list is talented, I’m sure we could find plenty of talented writers who stopped after a book or two, and as a result aren’t on this list. Each successive work we do builds on the previous. Alongside that, time is a critical piece of success. When doing the work, time becomes an ally.

The final take is this, “If you really commit to something, the rewards and impact increase even after you are gone, so the best thing you can be in this world is committed.”