Stop that banging…

Actually don’t, just make it more rhythmic. Brighter. Prettier.

Make it music instead of banging.

Most people stop too early at a stage when they have minimal skill. It’s possible from another person’s vantage point, they have zero skill at all. Like a child banging away on a pot with a wooden spoon. It seems like their goal is random noise, but perhaps they are so unskilled at making music that no one can see their musical interests yet. This stage is the most fragile and usually deters people before they even know consciously there is an interest there.

Here’s a reminder, this doesn’t stop in childhood. Adults are talked out of trying new things or even talk themselves out of trying new things. Consider my post about adults at the community pool. Here’s another one about developing skills and the timeline. Finally, one about how a craft evolves.

Banging to rhythm to tone to volume to music. Most people will try to stop you at the banging. Bang on anyways, though try to keep their annoyance with you to a minimum, and try to turn it into increasingly share it to gain acceptance over time as your skill increases.