Good Days and Bad Days

It seems like on the surface a good day would be a relaxing one.

It seems like on the surface a bad day would be a stressful one.

Yet, I’ve had days that didn’t have many urgent deadlines or pressing issues that I seem to find myself not satisfied after.

I’ve also had days where I was working only on highly stressful tasks and I was in a good mood at the end of the day.

Perhaps, the measure of a good and bad day that many people think of is wrong.

Perhaps a good day is measured by reducing stressful items on your list. While a bad day is measured by increasing the stressful items. It’s an interesting shift when you think more deeply about it.

It means that good days are made possible more often by people who add stressful items to their list, then get them done.

It means people that avoid the stressful items on their list and focus on the easy stuff have the most stress in their lives.

It’s possible this is just how stress affects me and not the population as a whole, but give it some time in your brain. Think about it for yourself and adjust your behavior accordingly to maximize the good days.

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