Rolls-Royce is the quietest car brand in the world.

Other cars compete for the fastest. Others can compete for the the most economical, but quiet is an axis all its own.

I love that.

I also love the quiet, but I can’t afford a Rolls-Royce.

This digs into a number of things I’ve written about:

Rolls-Royce is likely working on challenges their competitors aren’t thinking about in an attempt to create something unique and different. Keeping every possible source of noise as quiet as possible is a unique way of standing out, and as an engineer myself, it would certainly present an entirely new set of design criteria for me. However, on top of all that, it takes bravery. Rolls-Royce aren’t cheap, and so the market is already limited by incomes. Add on to that an audience that must really enjoy silence enough to pay for it, and it’s a narrow audience. Yet, it’s the reason it intrigues me. I don’t know what other criteria to judge the other luxury brands by, but I now know one criteria I would compare them on. Noise. And Rolls-Royce is going to win on that because they are focusing on it.

It’s art. It’s brave. It’s specific. That makes it interesting.