Wintergatan is a great channel on YouTube. I love watching the work that this guy does. It combines engineering, and musical creativity. It applies brainpower. It’s really interesting work and you should watch the videos on YouTube if you have an interest in engineering, music or building unique things. I highly recommend you check out his YouTube channel where the video below came from.

One of the things that always strikes me as interesting is that most people wouldn’t attempt this. I mean, real stuff like this, costs real money to build. It requires software to design, suppliers to fabricate a garage or workspace to build in. This guy is putting a lot into building this stuff, but at the end of the day that’s why it’s scarce. It’s why there isn’t an overabundance of people making this kind of content. It’s expensive, time consuming and difficult work. It feels safer and easier to just drop extra cash in a retirement account and call it a day. However, if we’re truthful with ourselves, it’s probably not the retirement we want. It’s the ability to choose what to do with a day. The ability to work on something unique that is interesting to you. This guy is doing that, so in a way, he’s already at retirement, no need to stress about. I think it’s important that you also see this is a choice, though everyone has different financial opinions obviously.

On top of that, his work is illustrative of a few concepts that I’ve written about:

I’d love to turn this into a future longer form piece, but I’ll leave that for later. For now, you can read those links and think about how they apply to the work Wintergatan is doing.