Unique and Great doesn’t scale.

People grow tired of the ordinary. In fact, Seth Godin wrote Purple Cow about exactly this concept. The challenge to this is that unique and great don’t scale easily, if at all. If it was easy to create something unique and great, it would be common and average. The definition necessitates that it doesn’t scale and that it takes a significant amount of time and effort to bring to fruition.

That’s why in a world where everything is a market, we don’t find all that many unique and great things. More people, more skills, more marketing and seeking better things are all required in order to produce more unique and great products and services. However, if you invest more time honing your skills, tweaking your offering, and building the messaging, it’s likely you’ll create something unique and great, which is synonymous with valuable.

P.S. While the craft of creating something unique and great doesn’t scale, that doesn’t mean the methods of production can’t. As technology continues to grow, the ability to scale a new baking creation, or even an artist’s style will continue to be more scalable. Unique and Great for the time being is something that only comes about by applying significant brain power to craft something no one else envisioned and that we all can agree is useful, entertaining, or generally better than the previous options.

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