The Artist and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence is about creating a computer model that thinks in a certain way by feeding it training data.

Imagine that you were an artist who had painted a 1000 paintings of a style that is all your own. You take pictures of those 1000 paintings and training an artificial intelligence model and all of a sudden, that AI is now able to generate limitless “paintings” that look like you created them. The artist has now made an infinitely scalable version of his skillset which could be used to unlock a significantly larger amount of money by selling unique paintings for much lower costs than originals used to sell for.

The artist’s next goal should then be to create another unique style in which he could do the same with.

This will be the ratchet of AI. That someone needs to be the “original” trainer of these tools, and then from there, it becomes scalable, and we will seek the next “original” invention or style.

In some ways, this can seem like something that isn’t going to be good. However, most technologies feel this way. The reality is that the level of quality of art and goods will be raised from this. That spending less time producing and more time creating original works will create more opportunity than ever before. There is room for people to own their own data sets and models that they maintain to offer as a service for others, painting is just a start.

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