If you assign that term to someone, most people will take it as a negative.

However, someone who is irritated by small things is exactly the kind of person who will solve minor irritation type problems that most of us live with. Creating tools and methods to open stuck jars was likely by someone more petty than the people that just accepted it.

Taking trivial matters personally can lead to all sorts of inventions and products.

What people don’t like is when you bring this pettiness to personal issues. When the boss took your coworker to lunch for the 5th time, but you’ve only been out three times and make that known as unacceptable. No one wants that kind of bickering.

The moral of the story is this: “No matter what the trait, nor the negativity typically assigned to it, every trait has some sort of value in this world, or else it would be working the way to extinction.”

What is misunderstood about this is that the trait can be brought to the wrong situations at which point it is rightly treated with disdain. A great opportunity exists in finding traits that are often brought to the wrong situation, and identifying where those traits can be put to better use.