Two offers vs one.

Having two offers instead of one isn’t just twice as many, there is something entirely different about it. This is true for selling a house, selling a business, or picking a job. I’ll give you an example on that last one:

If you are in the job market, there is a drastic shift that happens if two job offers are received at the same time.

You have options.

You have negotiating power.

You have leverage to get concessions that you wouldn’t if there was only one offer on the table.

Some of those concessions could be:

  • A more flexible schedule
  • Salary
  • More vacation days
  • A better job title
  • An expense budget

Those are just for starters, there are certainly more that could be job specific that I’m not listing.

This is critical to understand if you feel undervalued. Having another option on the table changes everything and give you control. It gives you the ability to know you picked. You made a decision.

Many people don’t realize that everyday this decision is possible. If you are currently employed, there are at least two choices on the table everyday:

  1. Continue to go to your job and get paid the current negotiated rate
  2. Pick yourself and do whatever it is you want to do and make what you can make

If option one is a better deal right now, and makes your plans better in the long-term, then there is no point in being disappointed about choosing it daily, though if it is wearing on you perhaps a third option would be nice.

If the second one is a better deal with much more room for long-term growth, then what is stopping you from picking that deal?

Probably more fear than anything else.

If you aren’t yet brave enough to do it, then keep choosing the first option, until your courage grows and then re-evaluate.

A big motivator for writing this is the large number of people online unhappy about their work. Unhappiness often stems from thinking there are no choices. Happiness and satisfaction often comes from seeing there were choices and being deliberate in making them.

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