Brad and Kyle

That’s a YouTube channel. It’s a vlog that was created by a couple of young, professional bowlers. It’s the first I can remember of its kind.

Bowling is a hard sport to understand for anyone not in deep already. There is bowling ball technology, the art of drilling bowling balls, bowling ball reaction types, oil patterns and oil migration, and more. Most of it is invisible to the human eye, the bowling ball technology being the cores inside the ball, and the oil patterns being inconceivably thin and just looking like a glossy application to the lane. On top of that, you need to be skilled enough to repeat shots to attribute these differences to the balls and the oil, not something a beginner can do.

What the PBA (Professional Bowlers Association) tried to do for years was give a deeper insight into the game. They spent more time trying to get people to understand the world of the professional bowlers, but never did a truly great job.

Enter Brad and Kyle.

They are creating videos. They are teaching bowling. They are sharing what the emotional roller coaster of being a pro bowler is like as they travel to events, shoot big games, shoot bad games, lead, then lose, or even make TV finals. They even share what it’s like staying in their accommodations and more.

Not only that, but they built a model. Now, there are competitive channels and vlogs by other pros doing the same.

The outcome is that people can now see the game of bowling the closest they have ever been able to. It’s not limited to a network making a decision to do a short segment about what it’s like to be a pro. It’s multiple episodes, from multiple perspectives capturing every event.

Brad and Kyle may or may not have said, “Let’s change everything about the perspective of the bowling world,” but that is exactly what they did.

Every day you have a chance to do similar.

P.S. If you want a little perspective on the professional level of bowling check out Brad and Kyle on YouTube.