Design it. Make it. Market it. Deliver it.

It seems to me that is where the world is heading.

You are a designer of some type of product.

You make the product.

You market it.

You deliver it.

With technology, it’s possible to do all of those things with no assistance. The little pockets of administrative tasks are shrinking. With technology, the designers are making more things themselves via industry 4.0 and ordering online with instant quoting or 3D Printing.

The people making things are marketing them on marketplaces like Etsy.

Then we have a whole bunch of people delivering things like those that work for Amazon, UPS, or FedEx.

If you’re someone who naturally leans towards assisting others with their business ideas, while noble, I’m not sure it is a great strategy for the future. While some people will always need others help, if you want your future to be resilient, it is a worthwhile exercise to think about what you would design, make, market or deliver if given the choice. After all, you are given the choice every day.