Jacques Pepin.

Jacques Pepin is a great role model.

You know the name just from him being around so long, after all he is approaching 86 years old as I’m writing this.

He cooked with Julia Child.

He has his own cooking shows. He’s on YouTube. He has cookbooks.

After being in a car accident that gave him a less mobile left arm, he had to reinvent himself as a teaching educator because he felt he couldn’t stay in the kitchen all day as a chef/restaurateur with that handicap.

After 40 years of educating people on how to cook, inspiring a significant amount of today’s world-famous chefs, you likely know his name. Today, a big part of Jacques’ day is making food for himself, his family and his friends and he seems to authentically enjoy it. Often times, that involves turning a camera on while he does it.

Why mention Jacques Pepin?

Because he seems to enjoy what he does. Because he reinvented himself after a nasty setback. Because he’s been at it for decades. Because Jacques Pepin is being himself, but with the camera on. Because we don’t need more Mark Zuckerberg role models. Those spaces are highly limited, but there is plenty of room for many like Jacques Pepin.

P.S. If you are setback like something from Moneyball and Negating Experience, thinking about Jacques is a good way to change that.