In charge of getting better.

In many organizations, it is possible many people have similar responsibilities. Perhaps it is making marketing videos. However, without someone coordinating, it is also possible individuals are learning how to be better on their own, but the organization itself isn’t getting better at producing videos.

That means there is an opportunity to be someone who coordinates tips, tricks, libraries, and graphics by pooling the collective knowledge and then documenting it so that new people joining can get up to speed quickly too.

Most people are waiting to be put in charge, but no one has to give you this responsibility. Anyone who is creating such marketing videos likely wants to get better at it, after all no one wants to be the main character in a terrible video. Their ego and their personal brand is on the line, so help with that is usually appreciated.

In situations like this, we often hesitate, but there is no reason to. If something isn’t working well, and you were never asked to do it in the first place, what is the downside? Nothing, no one will even know that you tried something. On the flip side, when something you weren’t asked to do starts working incredibly well, people are likely to take notice.

We often don’t get to choose our job titles, our promotions, our raises, and possibly even our tasks. However, nearly anyone can put themselves in charge of getting better and organizations need it. There is so much room for improving things that your opportunities are unbounded.