Puzzles and Leadership

The world is filled with puzzles if you take the time to step back and look for them.

Take clean energy companies for example. There are now industries working on revolutionizing energy generation. Others working on energy storage. Other still working on a smarter grid. Each working on their own, but with room for someone to lead a connect them all together to create the best possible system. The companies are making the pieces, but it takes a leader to show up and state what the picture is and how it can all come together.

On a smaller scale, inside these companies the same thing is happening. You have engineers working on products, you have marketing working on messaging, you have salespeople telling customers stories and you have a leader that is painting the picture of how all these things come together.

I’ve written about creativity and leadership before. If you want to be creating the pieces you are looking for a creative job. If you want to be connecting the pieces, you may not realize it, but you are a leader, even if you’re not yet skilled at it. If that’s the case, developing your leadership skills will only make things better. The puzzles that leaders solve are more difficult than any puzzle you’ll buy from the store because they involve more dimensions, more egos, more challenges, and a shifting world and often the picture painted can change on a whim as a result. Regardless, it’s still worth doing.

If you are a leader, it’s worth reading these below:

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With the 12 links above, I just connected my own work for your benefit. However, there is room to connect writings from disparate sources for a people to learn deeply about a topic. There is room for people to connect businesses to work together to create sales. There is room for people to find talented writers, video producers, podcasters, music makers and produce some really great content by bringing these people together. Never in history have we had the opportunity for so many people to be leaders. After all, leaders connect the pieces and the pieces have never been nearly as visible or as easy to reach as they are today thanks to the internet.