The path of least resistance.

Structural engineering is quirky. From physics, we know that it’s often the strongest structural member that resists the most load in modern buildings. The path of most resistance is where the forces of the world want to distribute.

That means the path of least resistance is the one which hides from the most important aspect of life. It hides from making a change happen, resists scrutiny of any form, doesn’t take risks, and lets others carry the burden of society.

The path of least resistance will not make many people happy. While avoiding the negatives of the world, it makes the big wins impossible. That means without the lows, and certainly without the highs, all that is left is a general state of malaise.

Imagine a sales rep that pushed a deal to close made a positive impact on the company balance sheet, and assuming they offer great products and service, made things better for the customer too. Along the way he may have had to challenge perceptions, push for action, and take scrutiny from his boss on whether the deal would happen or not. Yet, he earned the business, his bosses respect, and a nice commission for taking on such a task. The grinder through lows of much effort with little reward until it paid off with a huge reward.

We all have it in us to be stronger tomorrow than we are today, even if we aren’t super versions of ourselves at the moment. That’s all it takes to start to have a positive effect on the world, a commitment that you’ll be better tomorrow than you were today.