Reversing your childhood mentality.

My young daughter tonight says, “These people in these cars next to us are stupid people.”

I respond: “Don’t call people stupid. It’s not nice.”

She responds: “I’m not calling them stupid, our windows are up.”

After I explained why she shouldn’t call people stupid, I couldn’t help but think how amazing it is how kids can be totally backwards, but often don’t fully reverse by adulthood.

I’m not implying that most people don’t understand implying others to be stupid is cruel, but that most adults haven’t fully-reversed to say nice things about people in an unsolicited manner. That’s the full reversal, not stopping at keeping mean things to yourself.

When you say something positive that isn’t prompted, you create energy in the world. You brighten someone’s day. They may feel better about themselves. There is more opportunity to do this everyday than we can possibly imagine, and yet, most of the time we don’t take it.

We don’t have to behave like children, we all have the opportunity to be bright spots and make positive changes.