Hotdog Halloween House.

Yesterday, for Halloween, one of the houses in the neighborhood was cooking up and wrapping hot dogs in foil and handing them out along with candy. They also gave them to the parents too. It was quite a generous thing to do. It was also original, no one else in the neighborhood was doing it.

They also made a frame that you could take a selfie in with a hashtag for tweeting about the house.

It really stood out. I’d like to meet those people someday in the future.

Innovation isn’t always what we think it is. Usually, the movies has made it out to be incredible leaps of brilliance. On a day where the focus is on candy and kids, this house made it also about non-sugary food and parents. The Hotdog Halloween House changed the audience (kids to kids and parents) and they changed the medium (from pure sugar to normal food).

These simple shifts are possible for you to apply to innovate something today. Maybe you don’t have to be the “Hotdog Halloween House” but you could be something equally fun and intriguing to an audience of your choosing with a medium that you enjoy.

Think about it.