Post 900

My last post was my 900th post. Pretty incredible when I think about. With two more months left in the year, that means if I post every day I’ll have achieved 961 posts in 3 years. Meaning I’ll have missed posting on about 124 days over a 3 year span. My goal has been to write everyday, but obviously with a full-time job, a spouse that works, a young child and then the normal illnesses and other stressors of life, some days don’t work out.

The most important part is never falling far enough off of it that you lose the magic.

I wrote a while back that I was in a dip. That was two and half months ago. After writing that, the following month of September 2021 was perhaps the best month of writing I ever did!

Now, I’m feeling another dip coming, but likely the biggest problem is that I’ve been stumbling the last couple weeks with some typical life stuff and rather than keep writing, I stopped. That never works. Bad writing gets you through the dip. Not writing at all, that keeps the struggle going indefinitely. This time feels different though. It feels like I need to start working on the next level of complexity like I have written about before: here, and here.

I never expected to just write snippets, or short dailies. I expected that habit to be the start to building a muscle for more complex work once a portfolio was created. For me, it feels like that point has been reached. After all, this site now is approaching 200,000 words on it. Most books around 200-250 pages have about 50,000 words in them. With nearly 4 books of content in volume on this blog, if I don’t yet have enough content to put out a book, I really don’t know when I would.

Most people couldn’t go from doing no writing, to writing full books. I’m one of them, but now, I don’t have to. I have content. Now instead of a herculean effort of writing, I can do some significant brainstorming on themes, audiences, challenges, and marketing the book to make a significant impact. I plan on approaching this the same way I approached this blog. Slowly, simply, and not in a rush. A book is meant to help, educate, or entertain. All of those are valuable, and like anything valuable, it’s worth taking our time, doing our best and seeking to understand the change or impact we are seeking to make.

If you have something you have been building into a habit, keep it going. If you haven’t started yet, I suggest you rethink that. The start is hard, the commitment is the hardest, but the muscle keeps growing if you stick with it and eventually, you’ll have something significant that can be used in new ways. You’re never too old, too young, too unintelligent, or any other excuse. There is opportunity out there for everyone if we just grab it.

Thanks for letting me share with you.