Good and ambitious.

I had a conversation online with someone once about how they felt they want to do something important with their life, but felt that it was immoral of them to have big ambitions. They didn’t care about money, but wanted to do something big to help others.

Good and ambitious are adjectives that shouldn’t be seen as opposite, yet often are.

Some say, “The cream rises to the top.” To that I say, “Only because the milk is okay with where it is at.”

In a system where those who have enough are satisfied and choose not to further their ambitions, those who will never be satisfied will continue to rise to the top and with it proceed to further a system that may not be desirable for those who feel they have enough.

What is the solution to create a different system?

It’s to create a different kind of ambition. To take the ambition of creating something for others to benefit from through improving an industry, raising wages, or creating a higher standard of living, and use that as a driving motivation to do more, be more, or try more to help others.

Often times when aiming high, people feel ashamed. That they have no right to ambition. However, I don’t think it’s the ambition that determines a problem at all, but the motivation. We need people who are ambitious to create things on behalf of others. Not because of some dream of being the richest person in the cemetery, but because you can, because what it will do is make things better for others and because if you don’t, no one else will.

The world needs organizers. What do you think you can offer?

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