The Efficient Engineer

That’s the name of an engineering youtube channel. On the channel, there are numerous videos outlining complex engineering concepts. The production quality on these are top notch. For any of these videos, I’m not sure there is a reason for someone to make another version. If they want to add an experiment, or they want to do a livestream to answer questions, it makes sense, but the quality of these videos is so high it makes more sense to share them than to reproduce your own video.

This is the essence of the world we now live in.

What can you do that you can produce a quality so high that rather than competing against it, another person would choose to endorse, sell, or market what you have on offer?

Competition can only push so far until the pinnacle is reached. After that, it’s time to add on the next level of complexity and move forward by building something even bigger of which, that previous item was only a small component.

I highly recommend checking The Efficient Engineer youtube channel out if you are looking to learn more about engineering.