Priming the audience

Simon Sinek is preaching to an audience to demand passion at work. That creates demand for him at a company that doesn’t know how to deliver passion to their workers when their workers are pressuring management for more.

Often times, we don’t prime the audience enough. Doing this, isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Is people wanting work to be a better place a bad thing? I don’t think so.

However, it’s often that the status quo comes from acceptance on both sides. If you are someone who knows that things can be better, then priming the audience can create the proper tension for the action and growth to take place.

This isn’t a simple thing today. People like Simon Sinek have taken years to grow their following. They have built a voice. They have people waiting to listen to them that allows them to prime the audience.

If you have an audience and a change that you want to create, calling one side of the equation to action is an opportunity for you.

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