How to think about where you belong in a career.

If you look to a long-standing organization, the people who built it decades ago, aren’t the same type of people who run it today. The way people’s brains are wired, and the abilities of people aren’t commodities. They are highly differentiated. The people you need to create something new are different then the people you need to run something for decades.

The people you need to build something new generally have the following characteristics:

  • High curiosity
  • Diverse set of skills
  • Resourcefulness
  • Results-driven

The people you need to run something for decades generally look more like this:

  • High focus
  • Specialist set of skills
  • Comfortable with routine
  • Procedural-based

I’m not comfortable with too much routine/task-based work. Obviously, everyone has to do some of it, but the roles I’ve had where that was primary to the work, I was miserable. It took trying different things to open my eyes to it. People aren’t machines. In order to achieve your maximum effectiveness, you need to know where you can be effective and how to put yourself in a position that doesn’t make you miserable while doing it. Some experimentation is necessary to figure this out about yourself.