One way to overcome distraction while trying to learn.

When you are struggling to learn something, it’s likely you need the most distraction-free environment possible. Could you imagine if while at school, deeply engaged in topics you enjoyed learning about, there were commercials? Wouldn’t that break the focus, interrupt your thought and make it harder to continue?

This is now a real-life problem with YouTube. Many people are turning to free videos online at YouTube for their learning, which is great for a documentary, entertainment-flavored learning style. It’s not great for calculus. It’s not great for physics. It’s not great for learning a new piece of software.

Yet, YouTube is the free alternative. Free makes it popular.

Another alternative is a paid for option. One where the education doesn’t need to be paid for by the your distraction from it. However, this requires commitment. It requires investment. The only real question is, “Does it payoff?”

For the right topics, the answer will always be “Yes.” An instructor that knows their stuff and is paid to provide the knowledge you are seeking is valuable. If you have been on either side of that engagement you know that to be true. However, it is becoming more common that the medium is getting in the way of the focus. Paying for that is one way to overcome the problem.