Organizing something valuable

If you read my last post, Tomorrowland, you’ll know that I believe the world is running short on organizers. Here are two thoughts for someone who wants to provide valuable services in the coming future:

  • Advertising is ready for a huge shakeup. Marketing companies based entirely around a desired audience and what they are seeking is an opportunity. I follow some science based YouTube channels that have sponsors and they are being sponsored by luggage companies! Does that make sense to you? Why not chemistry kits? Why not Museum advertisements? Organizing these science channels together with common advertising due to their common audience then selling the “network” to companies that could benefit from this target audience is something that could be organized. Creating a profit sharing program for those channels and everybody wins. You organized an advertising sales team for them.
  • There are huge societal problems that science can solve. Why hasn’t science solved them? Organizing the people was incredibly difficult. However, digital technologies, cloud storage tools and the ability to interact through videos makes holding conferences and meetings incredibly cheap. Anyone can go to science forums and engineering forums with a big idea and if they are able to pitch the idea, get support, get people who want to be a part of something, they can form a team, that can then turn into a company, that can get funding and create something world-changing. Organizing this group is a possibility if you see it, and more people should be stepping up to do so.

The tricky part to this is that likely the opportunities for each of these can only be seen by the people who have technical knowledge in both fields. The problem is that most people enter those fields because they like doing the work, not organizing it. However, like millions of people creating TikTok videos, they might be doing great amateur work, if they all banded together they could go pro. We have the opportunity to do better, but we need to organize people together to do so. In fact, doing so, puts one at the top of the ability pyramid.

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