1000 monkeys…

as the saying goes, “…with a 1,000 typewriters can produce Shakespeare if given enough time.”

It’s possible that’s true. In fact, I believe that most of the famous people we call “creative” are people with high standards and dedication who continuously create work, throw at the bad stuff, and polish the good ones.

With that in mind, it’s possible 1000 monkeys can produce incredible work eventually, the problem is “Whose going to read all the garbage on the way to finding the good stuff?”

Once you realize the answer to that question you can start to do the real work. If you want to be “creative” you’re going to read the garbage. You’re going to figure out what is wrong with it. You’re going to improve it. Over time there is less garbage and more polish.

In this way, the way we write stories, the way we produce art, they way we invent new products, it’s not likely that we can replace this with technology. Technology can only produce in the same manner as the monkeys, but it takes someone to decide which is good and which is bad.