Who owns the “best”…

and why is it so crowded with articles online? Of course I’m referring to if you search “The best <insert any noun here>”.

Most people want to serve the mass audience. So owning the idea of the “best” anything is appealing.

Think about the best pizza. What does that really mean?

Is it the right selection of toppings?

Is it the right ingredients in the sauce?

Is it the right cheese blend?

What about the dough?

What about the cook time?

How crispy is it?

How charred is it?

Is it oily or floured?

Is it thick or thin?

It’s pretty laughable to think that there is an idea of a general “best” when it comes to pizza. There could be the crispiest. The sweetest possibly.

In reality, even pizza is so complex, with so many variables, that the idea of the “best” doesn’t really apply. The “best” to each person is a complex series of tradeoffs that most people couldn’t properly communicate anyway. It’s just “what they like”.

That’s why owning the “best” isn’t a great goal. Much better is to figure out how you are going to be different and own that instead.