Pizza, Possibility and Probability.

Pizza is full of possibility. If you really look, there are endless varietes. There is different crust recipes, thickness, doneness and ways of cooking. Different cheese blends. Different sauce recipes. Different topping types. This is all possibility.

Yet, under all of this is probability. Once a desired pizza is on the menu and ordered, there is a probability of how it will turn out. There is always variables in the rise time of the dough, the heat of the oven, the water content of the vegetables and the skill of the cook.

Pizza is so common that most people can probably relate to this. You have your favorite pizza order, the possibility that most resonates with you, then you have the probability that it comes out the way you like it. We’ve likely all had that one pizza that wasn’t it’s normal crisp, or the one that was overcooked.

It’s often that we find people working in one area of this. Some people focus primarily on possibility. Where can we show up? Where can we find new opportunity? Where can we create something entirely new? Generally, society calls this creativity.

Others focus on probability. How can I be more efficient? How can I increase the odds? How can I hack the system in order to get the best results every time?

Of course, there is no chicken or the egg here. Possibility comes first, then probability follows it. Eventually, when the probability of a great product being produced every time comes around, usually someone comes in with a new possibility that shatters expectations and the cycle begins again.

There is a tension between the possibilities that can be created and the probabilities they can be executed successfully. For those that see this tension, it’s always worth investigating where your focus should lie on the spectrum for your current efforts at the current time.

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