Where the brain stops having immediate ideas…

That’s the hard work.

It’s likely the important work too.

What I’m talking about is that it’s often assumed that “If you make it they will come” but if it ever was true, it’s not today. There is too much noise. So figuring out how to cut through that noise is a skill.

We make our product or provide our service. And yet the people do not come because they don’t know what we do.

So we make our marketing. And yet the people do not read our website or read our flyers because they don’t know they are there.

So we make an attention-getter so that they know we are there. And yet, that only works on a few people.

So we make a different attention-getter to get a few more different kinds of people.

And this attention-getting work never stops.

Unfortunately, this is hard work. Ask most people to write a social media post, and they could put something down. Ask people how to get attention to it, and half of them will have no answer at all. Their brain stops having immediate ideas.

This is a sign that you are working on both something difficult, and likely something worth doing. You are working on the next level of complexity. The reason we see so many people making noise, being pushy, and not being kind with their attention-getting is because it is so hard. It’s already taxing on the mind to figure out ways to do it, adding more constraints on being polite, being generous makes it even harder.

Difficulty doesn’t mean it’s not worth doing, in fact it is usually precisely the opposite. Take the challenge and run with it.