Plan in the physical world, produce in the digital world

The world is filled with people doing work on computers. That’s just the day and age we live in. However, often I find myself searching from something more in the digital world, thinking I’ll find whatever inspiration it is I’m looking for.

However, it’s just not there. Sitting at the computer all day when you don’t have a specific task in front of you is a bad idea in my eyes. Better to leave the computer and do some deep thinking. Here are some thoughts you could think about away from the keyboard:

  • Who or what kind of person could add something to this project?
  • Where are the people that I serve showing up in the physical world?
  • What is the value I’m trying to provide on this project?
  • Who can I have a conversation with to clarify my thoughts?
  • How can I get the results I’m looking for in a more efficient manner?

These are broad questions that need time and thought. It’s worth stepping away from the computer to answer them or think about them.