The Next Level of Complexity

What happens when a creative industry gets packed with skilled people?

It becomes impossible to stand out by just being the best on the normal axes.

That’s because there are so many people available to do that work at a high level as things become more scientific. Learning the science is much more scalable than when it was art, which was only mastered by a handful.

The result of the crowding is that standing out for those participating must do so by reaching the next level of complexity and skill.

Story was once an oral tradition. Then, with the invention of writing people, were able to craft, tweak and share amazing works of literature with a wider audience. Today, there are more books than we can read. Go to a library, try to find any one book that stands out to you. While you may find one, if you were a writer, what is the chance that would have been your book selected?

There is now the opportunity to embed videos in a digital writing. There is now opportunity to put in music over a digital writing. There is the ability to add depth of emotion and timing by narrating it in the form of an audiobook that is downloadable from just about anywhere. These are newer developments in the world of literature and they are the next level of complexity adding so many new possibilities to add to the experience, possibly requiring a team of people to achieve the full, desired effect.

There are other industries reaching this stage:

  • Automotive
  • Space Exploration
  • Music
  • E-mail marketing

And those are just a few off the top of my head.

The internet made just about every industry more crowded by raising awareness for the existence of smaller brands. The next level of complexity being needed to differentiate is a direct result of that.