Fast or Heavy

Last night I was watching a video on musical theory. One thing that came to mind while watching two different riffs being created was that music can be “fast” or “heavy”, but it can’t be both.

This is a good analogy for life. We can do things fast, take every shortcut, skip anything that doesn’t matter immediately in the here and now, or we can do things that are heavy, strong, that make an impact and last. That requires moving slower, thinking ahead, prepping for tomorrow today. It also involves taking on a bit of faith that the seeds you are planting will match the visions you have of them when they finally blossom and mature to full-size and that all the extra effort is more than worth it in the future.

It’s possible to be either fast or heavy, but not both. You could switch at some point, but that requires attention and the realization that you have to decide which one is worth it.

Fast or heavy, it’s your decision.